TravelSafe has been protecting cruisers and their vacation investment since 1971. For 45 years they have been listening to cruisers to find out  what they want in a comprehensive travel protection plan.  The result? The TravelSafe Classic and Classic Plus plans.

Below you will find a summary of the coverages and benefits included with the TravelSafe Classic and Classic Plus plans. For more detailed information click on the links below to access the full Plan Certificates (the fine print).

Most important, click here to see how TravelSafe has developed these plans to directly address the most common questions and concerns of today's cruisers. Should you need more information or additional clarification please contact TravelSafe directly. Their business is based on feedback from cruisers just like you and they are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Summary of Coverages and Benefits

Classic Plus Plan
Coverage For Your Trip Arrangements Plan Certificate Plan
Trip Cancellation Trip Cost Trip Cost
Trip Interruption 150% of Trip Cost 150% of Trip Cost
Missed Connection $2,500 $2,500
Trip/Travel Delay $750 $750
Per Day Maximum Limit $150 $150
Required minimum delay time 6 Hours 6 Hours
Cancel For Any Reason -- Classic Plus Plan Only
(Not available to residents of New York State)
Not Included 75% of
Penalty Amount
Accident & Sickness Medical Expense $100,000 $100,000
Emergency Dental Expense $750 $750
Emergency Medical Evacuation &
Return of Remains
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation $25,000 $25,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment    
          24 Hour Coverage during Trip $25,000 $25,000
Coverage For Your Belongings
          Baggage & Personal Effects $2,500 $2,500
          Baggage Delay $250 $250
          Required minimum delay time 12 Hours 12 Hours


Cancellations or Interruptions Due To:
Sickness, Injury or Death
A Pre-Existing Medical Condition
          Required time period for purchase Within 21 days of initial trip deposit Within 21 days of initial trip deposit
          Required insurance amount Not Applicable Not Applicable
Residence, destination or workplace made uninhabitable by fire, flood, or natural disaster
Involuntary termination of employment
1 year continuous employment )
Permanent transfer of employment
250 miles or more

250 miles or more
Being hijacked, quarantined or jury duty
Death/hospitalization of Host at destination
Traffic accident while en route to departure
Bankruptcy or default of a travel supplier
          Required time period for purchase Within 21 days of initial trip deposit Within 21 days of initial trip deposit
          Required time period for bankruptcy/default More than 14 days after purchase More than 14 days after purchase
A Terrorist Incident
Documented theft of passports or visas
Military personnel called to emergency duty for a natural disaster
Revocation of previously granted military leave (due to war)
Documented work reasons
Mandatory evacuation due to bad weather or natural disaster
A hurricane warning being issued for your trip destination
Trip Cancellation reimburses:    
Prepaid, forfeited, non-refundable trip payments or deposits
Airline reissue fees or frequent flyer fees due to covered reasons
Up to $150

Up to $150
Single Occupancy Upgrade charges incurred due to a covered reason
Trip Interruption reimburses:    
Prepaid, unused, non-refundable land or water travel arrangements
Additional airfare expense to return home, or to join/rejoin the trip
Single Occupancy Upgrade charges incurred due to a covered reason
Missed Connection Due to:    
Any Common Carrier Caused Delay
Missed Connection reimburses:    
          Additional Transportation Cost to join the trip
          Unused portion of the prepaid expenses for covered travel arrangements
Travel Delay Due To:    
          Common Carrier Delay
          Involvement in traffic accident en route to departure
          Lost/stolen passports, travel documents or money
          Quarantine, hijacking, strike, natural disaster, terrorism or riot
          A documented road closure by authorities
Travel Delay reimburses:    
          Additional meal and accommodation expenses
          Local transportation expenses
Cancel For Any Reason Benefit Eligibility: (Not Available To Residents Of New York State)    
Required time period for purchase Not Applicable Within 21 days of initial trip deposit
Required insurance amount Not Applicable 100% of Non-Refundable Trip
Required time period for cancellation Not Applicable 2 days or more before scheduled departure
Coverage For You:    
Accident & Sickness Medical Expense due to:    
          Injury or Sickness occurring during the trip
          Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
          Required insurance amount Not Applicable Not Applicable
          Required time period for purchase Within 21 days of initial trip deposit Within 21 days of initial trip deposit
Accident & Sickness Medical Expense reimburses:    
          On a Primary or  Excess (Secondary) Basis (on trip expenses) Primary Primary
          Services of a physician; prescribed drugs, prosthetics and therapeutic services/supplies
          Emergency dental expenses incurred during the trip
          Hospital services
          Ambulance transportation to and/or from a hospital
Medical Evacuation due to:    
Injury or Sickness when appropriate care, treatment or facilities are not available locally
Medical Evacuation reimburses:    
          Medically required transportation expenses to a Hospital for care and treatment or home
          Transportation expenses to return an unattended dependent home due to a hospitalization
(More than 7 days)

(More than 7 days)
Transportation expenses for a bedside visit when hospitalized
(More than 7 days)

(More than 7 days)
Return of Remains due to:    
          Death occurring during a trip
Return of Remains reimburses:    
          Transportation expenses for return of remains home (i.e. casket, air tray and preparation expenses)
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation  Due To:    
          Natural disaster, civil, military or political unrest
          Being expelled or declared a person non-grata by a country
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation reimburses:  $25,000  $25,000
          Transportation expenses to the nearest place of safety or to your home
Coverage For Your Belongings
Baggage & Personal Effects loss or damage due to:    
          Loss, theft or damage
Baggage & Personal Effects reimburses:    
          Cost to replace clothing and other personal articles
          Cost to replace lost/stolen passports or visas
Maximum Sublimit for loss to jewelry, furs, cameras & accessories, etc. $600 $600
Per Article Maximum Limit $300 $300
Baggage Delay due to:    
          Misdirection by a Common Carrier
Baggage Delay reimburses:    
          Cost of necessary personal items purchased during the delay
24 Hour Medical Assistance Services:    
24 Hour Emergency Medical Hotline
Medical consultation and monitoring when you are hospitalized
Coordinate medical evacuation arrangements
Help with replacing lost/stolen prescriptions
Help arranging for return of remains
Nurse Helpline for general health information before and during your trip
Sending emergency messages to friends, family or business associates
Language interpretation services
Help with emergency cash transfers
Passport/Visa, vaccinations, & travel health Information
Help with replacing lost/stolen tickets or travel documents
24 Hour Concierge Services    
Restaurant and shopping recommendations or reservations
Local transport, reservations, sports, theatre, & event information/ticketing
Golf course referrals & tee times
Baggage tracking/assistance
24 Hour Business Assistance Services    
Assistance with emergency communications
Assistance with locating available business services
Telephone or web conference assistance
Information about weather conditions, travel delays & flight status
Emergency travel arrangements

Optional Benefits Available

Air Flight Accidental Death & Dismemberment $100,000, $250,000, & $500,000 Available $100,000, $250,000, & $500,000 Available
Covers You while riding as a passenger on or boarding or alighting from a regularly scheduled airline flight Additional Cost:
$10, $25, $50
Additional Cost:
$10, $25, $50
Rental Car Damage (Collision Damage Waiver) $35,000
Primary Coverage
Primary Coverage
Covers loss or damage to a rental car due to collision, fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism, hail, flood or other causes not within Your control while the car is in Your possession Additional Cost:
$7 per day
Additional Cost:
$7 per day
Extended Personal Property Pac $1,000 $1,000
Covers loss or damage to cell phones, laptops, tablets, and PDA's ($100 deductible applies) and Sports Equipment Rental Additional Cost:
Additional Cost: